It's Christmas Eve. Under the heavy blankets, you are pampered by the warmth of the embers in the fireplace, by the reflection of the tree lights on the walls of the house, by the thought of the gifts, loved ones and goodies that will await you in the morning ... But something breaks the idyll . An unexpected shadow, a darkness that creeps in the whiteness of the snow. A sinister grin. The sound of blades and claws that stretch to steal happiness ... But what is it? What's this?!


 Dreamer Whale is pleased to present "ONE UPON A DARK DECEMBER", the perfect box to protect your Christmas from skeletal hands, green and hairy hands, hands with scissors and monsters of the past that will come back to haunt you! Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, Edward Hands of Scissors, Anastasia and Harry Potter ... "Once Upon a Dark December" is a fantastic kit for you readers who love the dark colored Christmas masterpieces !!!




  • The November - December box reservations are open from Tuesday 15 October and will close on Sunday 17 November!
  • Shipments will take place from December 16th
  • The number of boxes available is limited, they will be on sale untill out of stock!
  • Information on selected books will be announced in early November!

"ONCE UPON A DARK DECEMBER" bookish box - November/December edition

It includes a new YA FANTASY ENGLISH release and 5/6 exclusive gadgets 

31,50 €

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