"To the Dreamer Whale who listen ... And the Maas dreams that are answered!"

"Dreamer Whale is proud to present" OF THRONES AND ROSES ".

The second special edition of this Dreamerwhale will be entirely dedicated to the queen Sarah J. Maas, writer of the sagas of "A Court of Thorns and Roses" & "Throne of Glass"!

 "OF THRONES AND ROSES" is not a simple Dreamerwhale, no. It is the matter of which the Maas dreams are made. The many gadgets in it are probably among the best ever made for a bookish box and you'll go crazy after the Vendor Reveal !!

If you are historic Maas fan or you have been passionate about "A court of thorns and roses" and "Throne of Glass"  ... This, dreamers, is THE box for you!

🌹⚔ NEW: Dreamerwhale offers you 2 different versions of the box! You can choose for yourself based on your love for the stories of  Maas:

FAN: ONLY GADGET ~ NINE exclusive gadgets, of the highest quality, including something never done before by Dreamerwhale and extremely popular among the bookish boxes lately ... !!

⭐⭐ SUPER FAN: COLLECTOR EDITION + GADGET ~ The nine exclusive gadgets plus (choice!) the beautiful collector's editions of "Throne of Glass" and "A Court of Thorns and Roses" !! These editions alone cost as much as a bookish box and the Box + Collector combo is seriously an opportunity not to be missed and limited !!

🌹⚔ Attention, this is not an exercise !! Sales are now open  untill stocks last! Box shipping is scheduled from February 20th onwards!


FAN special edition box "OF THRONES AND ROSES", it includes 9 EXCLUSIVE gadgets perfect for Acotar and Tog fans!

SHIPPING will take place from the 20th of February.

41,50 €

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