Dear Dreamer, welcome to this new edition of the Dreamer Whale box for the months of April - May! The theme for this edition is "Protect the city"!


 There are cities to protect in this edition, a city that our heroes must save! But from what? It could be a fiery demon reborn from the Apocalypse or there could be monsters created by our darkest sins to threaten it.


There could be a war against a powerful enemy on its doorstep or it could be something darker. Perhaps madness, which seems to spread without control bringing chaos. Or even oblivion, a city that risks being erased forever from everyone's mind for the cruelty of a God.


Whatever the cause, our heroes do not fear it, and are ready to face it with courage!


If you are a fan of Thor (city of Asgard), This Savage Song (city of Verity City), Strange the Dreamer (city of Weep), The Throne of Glass series (city of Terrasen) and Batman (city of Gotham), this is the box for you!


Get ready to protect your city and save it from evil!


  • Bookings for the April-May box are already open! The shipment will take place from May 30th!
  • The number of boxes available is limited, make sure to grab yours!



It contains a new release Young Adult fantasy book, and 5/6 bookish gadgets of the fandoms of "Protect the City".

Shipment will be from the 30th of May!

30,00 €

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  • delivered in 21 days1